Nace Hagemann

Another Year on the Gunflint Trail is the newest book by Nace Hagemann. Published in December 2012, is available from Amazon, and locally from the Lake Superior Trading Post, Drury Lane Books, and Birch Bark Books.
High quality photographs and short stories lead you through another year with the author.  Stories of living through capsizing a canoe on a flooded river, and pictures of other Gunflint Trail residents like moose, fox, etc... Though definitely not another standard book about the Trail, the author also takes you through his learning to creatively use his camera and many shots of interesting night photography, as well as aurora borealis - Northern Lights- etc..  
Won the art/photography catagory for 2012 Northeastern Minnesota Book Awards  
Old Minnesota is the 2nd book Nace published.  
It is about me noticing our discarded past. Buildings falling down, cars left to rust …. made me think about who enjoyed these things when they were new … they all were important to someone at some time. And then made me think even more about our own lives, that we are all aging too. That we are “rusting.”  
This was another project to push me to stay motivated and realize that every day I live is another day I don’t get back. Hoping that I am living the way I really want to, because we don’t get more time, we only get so much …  
Honorable Mention award at last year's- 2011  Northeastern Minnesota Book Awards  
"You Gotta Get Out of the Woods..." is one man's story of leaving home and moving to the Gunflint Trail, 30 miles outside of Grand Marais, MN.   Photographs and light hearted stories bring us a candid perspective of a place most people come to visit just for the weekend, or pass through on their way to and from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.  It also documents the Ham Lake Fire of 2007 with dramatic photos and an insider's perspective of this monumental , and for some, catastrophic event.  Nace's frank and humorous writing style makes this an easy yet thought provoking read.   
"This book is a delight!" - said one reader.  
"an easy, fun read, great photos & wonderful stories of your life.. " - said another.  
102 pages, and over 70 color pictures. You Gotta Get Out of the Woods...  
Available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online sellers. Available locally at Lake Superior Trading Post, Birch Bark Books, and Drury Lane Books.